6 NOV 2022

sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck

6 NOV 2022
sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck


Metaverse Exhibition and Seminar

MetaAsia 2022 is an exhibition and seminar dedicated to the prospects of the development of Metaverse, blockchain technology, NFTs, exchanges, De-fi, and gaming. We devoted ourselves to promoting the development of Metaverse. Through providing a platform for interaction, we hope to connect the community of Metaverse, to explore the infinite possibilities and opportunities in the future together.

First Hong Kong Blockchain News Media
First Hong Kong
Blockchain News Media

BlockDailyHK is the first diversified blockchain news media in Hong Kong, featuring news about blockchain technology, business applications, cryptocurrency analysis, etc. With the integration of blockchain technology into our lives, we dedicate ourselves to offering a platform to educate Hong Kong readers and let them explore more on the field of crypto and blockchain.


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Disclaimer: MetaAsia2022 is an event for learning and understanding cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology. MetaAsia2022 does not involve or recommend any decision for investing and trading in any cryptocurrencies.